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What People Are Saying

“As a subscriber to Enrique Abeyta's publications for several years, I've seen my approach to investing evolve dramatically. While the insightful stock recommendations led to some great wins, my education was the real game-changer. Enrique opened my eyes to market trends and opportunities I wouldn't have noticed, empowered me with new strategies, and instilled a valuable risk management mindset. Today, I'm no longer just reacting to the market; I'm making informed decisions with newfound confidence. Thanks to Enrique, I'm a more intelligent, more disciplined investor, and that's invaluable. Thanks. ”

Brett F.

“Enrique's timely stock picks and great market knowledge have paid for my subscription price multiple times over.

It is mostly his deep knowledge of historical trading patterns and how to apply them to future opportunities which I find most interesting”

Nicolas VB

“Enrique’s output at Empire was absolutely oustanding, he was the main reason why I subscribed to Empire as a lifetime member. A deeply analytical thinker paired with an uncommon understanding of how markets work and real life entrepreneurial experience as icing on the cake. I am a voracious reader of investing literature including a ton of investor letters and as such I am able to rank his work relative to others great investors: Top notch!”

Stefan L