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Our goal is to help you make money! Now, while we do that, we also hope to inform, educate, and entertain you.

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My Story - Enrique Abeyta

Let me start by telling you a bit about myself…

My name is Enrique Abeyta.

I’ve been a professional money manager and investor on Wall Street for almost 30 years.

My personal story is a very American one.

My mother fled political turmoil in her native country of Uruguay and my father’s family is a mixture of New Mexican Mexicans (there since 1693!) and German/Scotch immigrants to the West. Not a lot of Mexican/Uruguayans on Wall Street!

I spent my youth growing up in Denver, CO and Phoenix, AZ but early on decided I wanted to come work on Wall Street.


Well, I grew up poor. Our family was homeless for a period and living paycheck to paycheck (with a couple of bankruptcies in between).

My view was that Wall Street and understanding investing was the best opportunity I had to change my life. Thirty-five years later I still feel that way and that knowledge is something I hope to bring to our readers.

My interest in Wall Street led me to apply to the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. This is the top business school in the world, especially for investing. Warren Buffett went there! Collectively, my classmates from my time at Wharton today manage over $1 trillion in assets.

After graduating, I started as a banker at Lehman Brothers but wanted to move over to the investing side as soon as possible.

My big break came just two years into my career when I had the opportunity to work with legendary investor Martin Sosnoff. Martin ran one of the oldest hedge funds in existence, dating back to 1960. There were just four of us there managing over $3 billion in capital! This was a great opportunity, and I had my first portfolio management job at the age of 26.

Over the next twenty years I launched and ran two hedge funds as Managing Partner – Stadia Capital and 360 Global Capital. Those firms went on to raise over $2 billion in assets.

After those two firms, I was a member of the founding team of another fund Falcon Edge Capital (now Alpha Wave Global) which began with over $1 billion of assets and now manages more than $30 billion.

During that period, I honed my investing skills and learned how to make money in any market environment!

One of the strengths of my strategies is that we made money in every market downturn we faced including the bursting of the Dot-Com Bubble in 2000 and the Global Financial Crisis (2007-2008).

After 20 years as a successful investor, I decided to pursue an entrepreneurial opportunity. Along with some partners, I acquired several music media businesses – like Revolver Magazine – and relaunched them with a focus on ecommerce.

Over the next 6 years, we successfully built this into a $20 million business. This real-life entrepreneurial experience helped me understand investing in businesses even more.

Finally, back in 2019 an old friend of mine – Whitney Tilson – told me he was joining legendary investment newsletter company Stansberry Research to create a new company called Empire Financial Research.

Honestly, I didn’t know much about the investment newsletter business, but I knew a lot about the media business and always loved writing.

Whitney walked me through the idea, and I thought to myself “This is what I was meant to do”!

Our Story – HX Research

The newsletter business gives me an opportunity to take my thirty years of successful investing experience and share it with REAL people.

After going through so many financial difficulties myself growing up, the idea that I can help improve people’s financial futures means the world to me…

Whitney and I ran Empire successfully for five years and had a great experience. Now in 2024, I have decided to step out on my own and create a new newsletter company – HX Research!

For a limited time, HX Research is honoring all Empire Financial subscribers with the opportunity to become a founding HX Research subscriber. 

This company – and our newsletters – really are the culmination of my three decades of investing. This is literally my life’s work…

We aren’t some huge company. There are just three of us – my best friend from college (who worked with me before) and one of my best friends from the last 15 years (who also worked with me before). We do, however, have decades of experience in investing and delivering high quality content to readers.

We are focused on delivering newsletters that educate, are enjoyable to read, AND can give you ideas that make you real money.

What You Can Expect – HX Daily

The goal of this newsletter to give you trading and investing insights that can be both timely and evergreen.

We publish every day the U.S. stock market is open and will be in your inbox by 8 am EST. 

We will also do “Special Issues” that could come out at pretty much any time. If we feel we have more to say, we are going to go ahead and share it with you!

In this newsletter, we will often talk about what is happening in the financial markets now but also share knowledge that we think can be used in any type of market environment.

Our Mission

As we said at the beginning – our goal is to make you money!

The types of money-making opportunities in the market will change over time but we have successfully made money in every type of market environment. That doesn’t mean every idea, every day, or every month but over time our methods have proven to be profitable.

They are built for the both the best…and worst markets. Protect your capital and help you build it.

Our strategies are for EVERY investor. Whether you have been a professional investor managing billions for decades or are just getting started – we think our newsletters and ideas will be a fit for you!

We appreciate you subscribing and joining us on this journey. Your support means everything to us and our families.

Let’s go out and make some money!


Enrique Abeyta