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HX RESEARCH - Weekly Review

Week of April 15 to April 19

Hello HX Research Reader,

We hope you enjoyed this last week of our research.  Our goal is to give you market insight and actionable ideas to help make you money!

To read more about our story you can read our welcome message here.

In case you missed it, here is what we published this week in our free publication - HX Daily.

  • “When a “Bad Sale” Is A Great Move”

  • We discuss our “stop loss” process and how maintaining discipline around it is key to your investment process. Plan the Trade and Trade the Plan.

  • “What Gold Is Telling Us About The Markets”

  • The recent big rally in gold has a lot of people concerned about the economy and stock market. Should they be? The answer will surprise you…

  • “A Hidden Catalyst For Google and Amazon Shares”

  • Now that “The Magnificent Seven” have reached massive market capitalization, we talk about what could be the next group of catalysts to drive the shares higher.

  • “The Stock Market is NOT Down Because of Inflation and War”

  • IGNORE the media! The pullback in the stock market has nothing to do with the “news” and everything to do with stock market technicals.

  • “Our Take on the “Contrarian” Take”

  • In collaboration with the Contrarian Investor Podcast, we have put together a collaboration issue of HX Daily where we discuss some of the most “contrarian” views of 2024.

For our paid subscribers, we published the following:

  • HX Trader - Now For Something Completely Different

  • This week’s TRADING idea is one of the rarest assets on the planet Earth and we think it goes MUCH higher.

HX Podcast

We also released the tenth episode of the HX Podcast:

  • The HX Podcast Ep10 - Ram Parameswaran - Founder and Portfolio Manager of Octahedron Capital

  • THIS is the single best podcast episode we have done in the last five years! Our old colleague Ram is an absolute star and you NEED to listen to his strategy. The best piece of content we have put out this year!

  • Also on YouTube.

Have a great weekend!

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