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HX RESEARCH - Weekly Review

Week of April 29 to May 3

Hello HX Research Reader,

We hope you enjoyed this last week of our research.  Our goal is to give you market insight and actionable ideas to help make you money!

To read more about our story you can read our welcome message here.

In case you missed it, here is what we published this week.

HX Daily

  • “Trade like a Fighter Pilot”

  • Trading can be very stressful and learning how to manage that stress is a key to success. We look at how the “best of the best” manage it.

  • “What to Look For In a Ten Bagger”

  • We walk through exactly what to look for to find exceptionally high-return stocks and the math of how they impact your returns.

  • “Investors Focus on Price... But Time Is Just as Important”

  • We discuss the importance of BOTH time and price when investing in the stock market.

  • “Four Easy Rules”

  • We go through a few simple rules to be a successful investor, the hard part is following them.

  • “The Federal Reserve Solved!”

  • There are MILLIONS of articles about what the Federal Reserve is doing and how it impacts your investing. Read in ONE sentence what we were lucky enough to have explained to us over two decades ago from one of the greatest investors.

HX Trader

  • Volume 1 Issue 13 - Going “Old School” For a New Trade

  • The recent sell-off in the stock market is gave us an opportunity in HX Trader to buy one of the best stocks of the last 40 years.

  • Position Update: Profits Booked!

  • After booking some gains two weeks ago, we’re booking some more including a +7% gain in barely over a week making for a 288% annualized return.

Have a great weekend!

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