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HX RESEARCH - Weekly Review

Week of March 18 to March 22

Hello HX Research Reader,

We hope you enjoyed this last week of our research.  Our goal is to give you market insight and actionable ideas to help make you money!

To read more about our story you can read our welcome message: https://daily.hxresearch.net/c/welcome

In case you missed it, here is what we published this week in our free publication - HX Daily:

  • “Why Momentum Stocks Don’t Go Sideways”

  • More on the physics of “momentum” stocks and how they correct. Time to be cautious!

  • “The Psychology of The Moving Averages”

  • We discuss how and why the moving averages of a stock price can be valuable technical analysis tool for your stock picking.

  • “The Anatomy of a Stock Market Overreaction”

  • We go through the play-by-play of the recent stock volatility in our FREE IDEA from our TRADING publications.


  • “An Actual Way to Make Money from Climate Change”

  • This time we are sharing one from our INVESTING publication - HX LEGACY. This unknown stock owns one of the rarest and most valuable assets on Earth and you have never heard of it!

  • “The Stock Market is Due for a Breather”

  • The stock market has had a great start to 2024 and we remind investors that the SELL HIGH is just as important as BUY LOW.

  • “Six Investing Tips for Good Times and Bad”

  • We look back on some advice we gave at the bottom of the most recent BEAR market but that is just as valuable today…

For our paid subscribers, we published the following:

  • HX Trader - Volume I, Issue 8

  • “A Government Investigation Creates a Trading Opportunity”

  • When the stock of a company gets hits on the back of a government investigation investors panic. We often see opportunity.

  • “A Tasty Income Opportunity”

  • We present another income opportunity in one of the best stocks of all time. Take a bite into this one…

Finally, we also released the sixth episode of the HX Podcast:

  • The HX Podcast Ep07 - Reader Question - Crypto

  • In a new format for the HX Podcast, we do a one-on-one discussion with a reader going through their questions. This one is about what to do with crypto.

Hope you are having a great weekend and thank you for your support!

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