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HX RESEARCH - Weekly Review

Week of May 27 - May 31

Hello HX Research Reader,

We hope you enjoyed this last week of our research.  Our goal is to give you market insight and actionable ideas to help make you money!

To read more about our story you can read our welcome message here.

We had a BIG week of content here at HX Research and hope you got a chance to check out our content, but below is a summary in you case you missed anything…

HX Daily

Monday, May 27

  • Freedom is Not Free.”

    • We share our thoughts on what we feel are the obligations and responsibilities owed by us as Americans in honor of those who sacrificed everything for our freedoms.

Tuesday, May 28

  • Sell in May or Go Away?

    • It depends! While statistically the stock market performs worse than average in the six months that start in May, it really depends on the environment at the time. We discuss in this issue.

 Wednesday, May 29

Thursday, May 30

  • Ten Principles of a Money Master

    • Paul Tudor Jones is recognized as one of the greatest investors of all-time and we share some of his trading wisdom that can make YOU a better trader and investor.

Friday, May 31

HX Trader

Wednesday, May 29

HX Legacy

Thursday, May 30

HX Income

Friday, May 31

HX Podcast

Thursday, May 30

This week Enrique welcomes another former colleague and "Wall Street Beats" team member, Berna Barshay. Berna continues the mantra of WSB's Herb Greenberg of "know thyself" when investing, (and invest in what you know).

For her that means capitalizing on her knowledge and experience in the consumer space. She and Enrique also discuss retail and apparel, and what Kate Spade and Crocs could possibly have in common!

Have a great weekend!

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