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HX RESEARCH - Weekly Review

Week of April 8 to April 12

Hello HX Research Reader,

We hope you enjoyed this last week of our research.  Our goal is to give you market insight and actionable ideas to help make you money!

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In case you missed it, here is what we published this week in our free publication - HX Daily

  • “The Mid-90s Playbook That May Work Again”

  • The past twenty-five years have seen a lot of volatility around interest rates and then in the stock market. We go through how the period from 1994 to 1997 could be a good guide to where we are today.

  • “Is The Dog Back?”

  • Crypto is soaring again! We discuss the re-emergence of speculation in crypto and dive into the latest insanity around the "Dogwifhat" meme coin including our perspective from 2021 with the original "dog" coin – Dogecoin.

  • “Is ChatGPT the New Netscape?”

  • In another look back at 1995, we write about the similarities we see in the early days of the Internet with what is happening today in artificial intelligence.

  • “The Proper Perspective on The Best Advice”

  • Warren Buffett is (perhaps) the GREATEST investor of all time! Yet, we do not always agree with him. We look at some of his quotes where we have a slightly different take…

  • “A Reading List Worth More Than a $230,000 Wharton MBA”

  • One of our favorite lists of all time - our TOP Reading List for investors! Across my 25+ years as a professional investing, I have learned the most by simply DOING, but this group of books gave me a great start on that journey.

For our paid subscribers, we published the following:

  • HX Trader - A Beautiful Trading Opportunity

  • The stock market is delivering us an opportunity in one of the top 25 best stocks of the last twenty-five years. We explain how to take advantage of this attractive trade.

  • HX Income - An Opportunity for Some Sweet Income

  • The relationship between commodities and stocks is often misunderstood. We present an income opportunity taking advantage of one of these situations. Unwrap it in our report!

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